Photo of the Week – Karl Marx’s Grave

Karl Marx’s Grave

The final resting place of the founder of communism is located in Highgate Cemetery in North London.  Marx spent a lot of his life in London.  The cemetery is split into two, the East and West.  It is famous for the people who are buried there.

Some of the people buried here include:

East Cemetery

Douglas Adams (spot in the pens in the grave), George Eilot (under the name of Mary Ann Cross), William Friese-Greene (cinema pioneer), Malcolm McLaren and Sir Ralph Richardson.

West Cemetery

Beryl Bainbridge, The family of Charles Dickens (Charles Dickens in buried in Westminster Abbey), Michael Faraday, Lucian Freud, Jean Simmons and Christina Rossetti.

Entry to the East Cemetery costs £3.00 and the West Cemetery costs £7.00.

The nearest tube station is Archway on the Northern Line for more details


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