Madrid – Monday 2 July

Somehow everybody was in a good mood this morning.  I suspect there might have been a few people having a sick day in Spain today.  You could not fail to see that everybody was in red today.  That included my feet.  I should have broken in my new sandals before I left for Madrid.  My feet look like a battle zone and I could not walk anymore with my sandals.  Luckily I did bring a first aid kit and it included sticking plasters.  It meant that I was back to wearing the trainers and they felt like carpet slippers.  The Australian girls who were sharing the dorm with me agreed that my feet looked like they had been in a battle.

As most of the public buildings close on Monday it was a case of taking things easy.  I did however, take in the Museo Nacional Centro de Arte Reina Sofia.

Museo Nacional Centro de Arte Reina Sofia

Home to mainly contemporary art it is the home of Picasso’s Guernica.  I can tick off another art masterpiece that I have seen.

Now that I felt culturally restore I needed to find something to eat.  I have always wanted to try paella but it was always sold as a portion for two.  A disadvantage for the single traveller.  Finally I found a restaurant that sold paella in a single portion.  It was too good an opportunity to pass up.  After ordering myself a Valencian paella and a cold beer I surprised to be brought some tapas with the beer.

Half-eaten tapas and a refreshing cold beer

The food was delicious and I left feeling very contented.

Dinner – Valencian Paella

Back at the I was starting to hear talk that was making me feel jealous.  It was all about the bull run in Pamplona. I. would be back home next week and this make me feel a little sad.  To cheer myself I went out for a walk.  The day did end on a surreal note.  Never did I think that I would be enjoying an ice cream cone at 11pm.  Priceless, went back to the hostel feeling very happy.

Until the next post stay safe, stay healthy, keep smiling.



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