Reflections on Madrid

I have been back in the UK for three weeks from my trip to Madrid.  This has given me time to reflect about the trip.

I have to say how lucky I was with timing.  Being in Madrid at the time of the Euro 2012 final meant that I say a city that was feeling triumphant and happy.  You would not have known Spain was suffering a big recession.  Hopefully, we in the UK can follow that same attitude.

Secondly, Madrid is a beautiful city.  Highlights were the Plaza Mayor where I could witness events going on around me.  In my eyes it represented the best of Madrid.  The museums and palaces where interesting places to visit.  So much history to witness.

The only trouble was that there was so much I missed.  Still, it is an excuse to come back again.  Then there were the gardens.  These were haven were I could go to rest and reflect about Madrid.

Thirdly, I was lucky with the weather.  No, I will rephrase that.  The weather is what I expected.  Hot and dry.  It felt good to walk in the sun.  I know the UK was experiencing extreme wet weather.  I could only chuckle to myself when I saw the news.

Finally, as a city Madrid was alive and vibrant.  The nightlife seemed to be never-ending even on a weekday.  So many bars and restaurants.  Again, so many that I did not get chance to try out.  Another excuse for me to come back.

To sum up would I recommend Madrid?  You bet I would.  It has everything for those looking for a weekend break and the seasoned backpacker.  I cannot wait to go back.


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