Round the World Trip

For most backpackers and travellers the holy grail would be to take part in a Round the World trip.  This is true for myself.  From the blogs I have been following a lot people have undertaken such a trip.  It has been used as a springboard for continuous travel by others.

Why should anyone want to take such a journey?  I suspect it is all about the adventure of being on the road for a long period.  You can see a lot of the world in a short period or you can spend a long in one country.  Some people take three months while others will take a whole year.  Of course, such a trip takes a lot of planning and simply cannot be undertaken on a whim.  Particularly where do you want to go, how much money do you need to save, do you have the vaccinations, documents.

For myself it is one of the dreams I have in life.  I want to undertake such a trip before I get too old.  However, age should not be a barrier to travel.

In my ideal trip I would like to see the following:-

  1. Argentina
  2. Uruguay
  3. Chile
  4. New Zealand
  5. Australia
  6. Indonesia
  7. Thailand
  8. Burma
  9. Cambodia
  10. Laos
  11. Vietnam

How does that sound to everyone?  Where would you go on your trip?

By writing about my trip I want to use it as a spur for me to stop dreaming and start planning.  Best start saving my pennies.

Until the next post, stay safe, stay healthy and keep smiling.



2 Replies to “Round the World Trip”

  1. Sounds like a good plan!

    I never thought a RTW trip was a viable option up until a few months ago. Back in April I met a young Swiss couple who had been travelling overland for a year from Turkey to China and India, before hopping across Southeast Asia and eventually the United States. To see the joy in their faces and get a sense of their freedom was a real game-changer for me – thanks to them, I’m now planning a 5-6 month trip to be slated for 2014.

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