Hard Rock Cafe

When travelling what is the most un-traveller thing you do?  Is it going to the local McDonald’s, going to see a local sports game or visiting the local public library to surf the net.

In my case it is visiting the Hard Rock Cafe.  Why do I go there?  It is certainly not the cheapest option for eating out.  What I enjoy about visiting the Hard Rock Cafe is that they conform to the same standard.  In short I know what I am going to experience.  There is always rock music playing.  You can stare at all the memorabilia that is on view.  Importantly while the food is not cheap it is of a good standard.  I have yet to eat a bad meal there.  Finally, I get the chance to visit the store to look at the merchandise.  I always end up buying myself a t-shirt.  It is my way of saying that I have visited a city.  I know from experience that they are of good quality and last a long time.

The first Hard Rock Cafe I visited was Amsterdam in 1991.  I brought myself a sweatshirt which has long been thrown away.  The next was Washington DC in 2000.  My t-shirt has also been thrown away.

Then there was Paris in 2005.

Next there was Berlin in 2007

Edinburgh in 2008

London in 2011

Finally, Madrid in 2012

There is something comforting about visiting the Hard Rock Cafe.  Yes, the service staff can be over friendly yet it is part of the experience.  As a solo traveller I have always felt comfortable about eating there on my own.  Whenever I leave I always feel so much better than when I arrived.  In the end that is the customer experience we all want.  In September I am off to Prague and guess what.  There is a Hard Rock Cafe.  I cannot wait to visit.

Until the next post, stay safe, stay healthy and keep smiling.



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