Why Bother With Planning

As my trip to Prague and Bratislava draws nearer I started to feel that I should be doing more planning.  It is always a worry that I arrive at my destination without a clue on where to go and what to do next.

So what do I mean by planning?  For myself it is ensuring that I have somewhere to stay when I arrive.  This is the most important for any traveller.  The last thing you need to do when you travelled on a long journey is to be going round trying to find somewhere to stay.  You could end up walking a lot of miles especially during busy periods on a potentially fruitless search.  Also you could end up paying a higher rate than usual.  Having that first nights accommodation gives you a base to plan ahead.

I also worry that I may not have any currency to use at my destination.  Again changing money when you arrive could lead you open to being ripped off.  I have found pre-paid currency card to be useful.  All I need is to find a ATM to obtain local currency.  Of course I would be wary of who is watching me.

Where I do leave planning to the last-minute is the itinerary I follow.  I make a list of places that I would like to visit however, it is loose because I could be open to recommendations about where I should go.  The best sites can be the ones that you end up stumbling on.  I also do not plan any entertainment for myself.  In Madrid on my last night I ended up on a pub crawl with a group of people I had met on the previous evening.

So finally why bother with planning?  To me planning makes life easier when I travel.  It means that I can avoid some of the traps that could spoil my trip.  It also guarantees that I will enjoy my trip.

Until the next post, stay safe, stay healthy and keep smiling.



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