The Next Trip – Prague and Bratislava

In less than two weeks I will be off on my next trip.  As I may have mentioned I will be visiting Prague and Bratislava.  This was a journey I was going to take last year until poor health intervened.  I am glad to say that everything is now in working order and I cannot wait until 10 September.

I will be travelling to Prague by coach through Eurolines.  I have mentioned in a previous article how I enjoy coach travel.  The journey from London takes 16 hours leaving at 17:00 and arriving into Prague at 12:00.  I will be staying at the St. Christopher’s at the Mosaic House for five nights.  During my time in Prague I am looking to take in all the sights such as Prague Castle.

On 16 September I will take the coach from Prague to Bratislava.  I will be spending three nights at Hostel Blues.  This hostel comes recommended by Lonely Planet so it should be good.  Finally I will return back to Prague for 2 nights before going home.

In my own mind I have my itinerary sorted but I would welcome any ideas on places I should see.  During the trip I will be keeping my diary and publishing on the blog.  Reviews of all the places I visit will follow.

All the coach travel is with Eurolines.  All hostels were booked through

As you may gather I cannot wait for 10 September.

Until the next time, stay safe, stay healthy and keep smiling.



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