London 2012 – A few thoughts.

So the summer of sport is finally over. I have to say well done Britain you actually pulled this off. For the seven since we were awarded the games there were plenty of sceptics including myself who thought that we would struggle especially after Beijing.

Oh we of little faith. Not only were the both the Olympics and Paralympic games a success they also succeeded in bringing a nation together but also showed the rest of the world how to organise a event.

I believe the master stroke was to hold the Olympic touch relay around the UK. Everybody else in the country was made to feel part of the games and not to be seen as a wholly London centric event. It also added to the games build up to. We could not wait for the event to start. The opening ceremony was classic Britain at its best in the way it sent us up. It highlighted our sense of humour.

Great Britain was shown to be a sports loving nation while supporting its own athletes it would recognise the efforts of other nations too. Everyone was made to feel welcome and it was appreciated.

Finally I would like to note that the real success of the summer was the regaining of the British flag by the people away from the far right. We have every right to be proud of the achievements this summer has brought us. More importantly I have regained my pride in being British. Once again well done Britain.

Until the next post, stay safe, stay healthy and keep smiling.



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