Prague & Bratislava – Day 1, 10/09/2012

At my age I would have thought that I could get away with not sleeping because I am too excited to be going away, yet at 4am I was wide awake.  So two hours later I was out of bed.  The majority of the packing had been completed so it was just a case of eating breakfast, drinking a cup of tea, taking a shower and getting dressed.

At 09:30 I was ready for the off, so I waddled with my rucksack towards the bus stop.  Typically the bus was running late.  Is this the shape of things to come?

Arrived at Birmingham coach station and was relieved when the coach left on time.  In London there was the parade to celebrate the success of British Olympians and Paralympians.  Fully deserved it was too.  It has been a great summer for Great Britain, one that will stay in the memory for a long time.  However, I was concerned that I might be caught in traffic once I arrived into London.  In reality I should not have worried as it was one of the smoothest journeys into the capital I had ever completed.  After a bite to eat I checked in to catch my coach to Prague.  Everything was running smoothly until the coach stopped in Dover.  A large gentleman sat next to me.  To make matters worse after we crossed the English channel he decided it would be a good idea to remove his jacket and jumper and relax in his vest.  Oh my, this is going to be a long journey.

Until the next post, stay safe, stay healthy and keep smiling.



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