Trip to Prague & Bratislava – Day 2, 11/09/2012

Not too much sleep as the man sitting next to me kept on rolling into my seat.  Also I could not get too comfortable.  A travel pillow is going to be in my Christmas list.  Nothing else of real note happened until my arrival in Prague.

As soon as I got of the coach the warm weather hit me.  This is a sign of it being a good trip.  Once I negotiated the metro I arrived at my hostel, St. Christopher’s at Mosaic House.  Upon checking in at reception there was a scare.  Even though the girl behind the counter commented on how she liked my surname she could not find my booking.  A moment of worry began to creep in my mind.  Eventually it was found and I made my way to my dorm.  I could not believe it.  I thought I had booked into the Ritz by mistake.  This is by far the most luxurious hostel I have booked into.  Check out the photo of the bathroom.

I am certain that I am going to like Prague.  However, I knew that after yesterday that I needed a good sleep so I decided to put my head down for a couple of hours.

I was awoken by the sound of my dorm mate coming into the room.  After introducing ourselves he mentioned that he was from Marseille.  To my surprise the next thing he said totally threw me.  “Joey Barton” for he had just joined Olympique Marseille.  Funny how football brings people together.

Talking of football the hostel was showing various World Cup qualifiers including England v Ukraine.  England were lucky to scrape a draw.  After a summer of sporting excellence it does not take it much for football to bring it back down to earth.

Until the next post, stay safe, stay healthy and keep smiling.



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