Prague & Bratislava – Day 3, 12/09/2012

After a good breakfast I ready to undertake the free walking tour the hostel offers.  The weather did not look too good and I had not brought a waterproof coat with me.  Another item for the Christmas wish list.  Still rain is only water.  So we set out on the tour.  The guide Javier was really knowledgeable.  He had come over from Spain because there were no jobs for him back home.

The tour took in the historical centre of Prague including the Jewish Quarter but did not cross over to the castle.

Statue of Jan Hus
Graveyard in the Jewish Quarter

As the tour carried on it was clear that the rain was not going to stop.  Only one thing to and that was to purchase an umbrella from the nearest store.  For 500kr it will have to do though I suspect that I would be lucky if it lasts until the end of the day.  During the tour I got talking to a few people and seemed to be getting on well with them.  We saw the Astronomical Clock strike midday.  Javier said it was considered to be overrated.  Like all great sites there were a lot of people waiting to witness the spectacle.

The Astronomical Clock in the rain

Rain I can handle but it was the cold wind that I was struggling with.  I just wanted to go somewhere that was warm.  Javier recommended a traditional restaurant to go and eat.  My pork in fruit sauce and dumplings certainly hit the spot and went down very well along with the glass of beer too.  I noticed that beer is cheaper than soft drinks.  Oh my liver.

Some of the group decided that they were going on the pub crawl in the evening.  My initial reaction was not was not to go saying that I would do it tomorrow instead.  I made my way back to the hostel with an American lady from the tour.  The problem was that neither of us were sure where we were going.  I think it was more by luck than judgment that we found our way back to the hostel.

I spent the rest of the afternoon mulling over the question of attending the pub crawl.  In the end I thought why not, I might as well enjoy myself while in Prague.  Did I enjoy myself?  Well I ended up in the tallest nightclub in Europe and did not arrive back to the hostel until 3:30 am.  Trying to be clever I thought that I would not wake the dorm only to walk into the bunk bed.  Happy days.

Until the next post, stay safe, stay healthy and keep smiling.