Photo of the Week – Monument outside Devin Castle

This week photo is a monument commemorating  those people who were executed by the Communists in Slovakia during their rule from 1948-1989.  The monument describes it as during the period of Communist terror.

On the inside there is the names of the executed. They were all shot by firing squad.  This is represented by the bullet holes that are all over the monument.  It is strangely mesmerizing and make you think about the sacrifice people made for freedom.

Until the next post, stay safe, stay healthy and keep smiling.



One Reply to “Photo of the Week – Monument outside Devin Castle”

  1. You are incorrect. This Memorial commemorates people who were shot trying to escape through the electrified border fence, that used to stand there, from Czechoslovakia to Austria. They were shot right on that spot of Morava and Danube rivers confluence. The other side of Morava is Austria. Missing is the electric fence, the watchtowers and the dogs. They were all removed in 1989.

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