Prague & Bratislava – Day 5, 14/09/2012

For a lot of people in the hostel today was their final day in Prague.  The plan was to explore the area around Prague Castle.  This seemed a good idea at the time.  So a couple of us decided to head to the Old Town Square.  The weather was good so we checked out what was going on.  There were plenty of wedding parties.  Of course the brides looked beautiful.  There was a dixieland jazz band playing in the background.  Plenty of people were soaking in the atmosphere.  Some even brought the CD.  I am not sure it would sound the same back home.

Dixieland Jazz Band in The Old Town Square

Eventually, we climbed the Astronomical Clock Tower.  Once at the top space was tight due to the amount of people there.  However, it did offer excellent views of the Prague skyline.

View From the Astronomical Clock Tower

We decided that we need to head up to the castle.  So after crossing Charles Bridge and having something to eat we caught a tram up to the top of the castle hill.  We did not plan to go inside but just potter around.  We saw the absinthe shop and it was selling ice cream flavoured with the drink.  One of us could not resist.  I tried some, it tasted foul but then again I do not like the taste of aniseed.  So I started to drink beer instead.  Drinking in the castle grounds did not seem right with the tourists milling around but I felt relaxed about it.

Slowly we made our way back to the city centre and I eat the sloppiest burger that I had ever tasted.  At the hostel it was decided as it was the last night for the majority of us we should go out and celebrate.  Always keen to follow I went to my dorm, got showered and changed.  We made our way to the nearest club.  I am surprised how relaxed clubs are in mainland Europe are about letting people in.  I was wearing a shirt, jeans and trainers and the doormen were happy to let me in.

While relaxing with a beer you could see panic behind the bar.  The Czech government had during the day banned the sale of alcohol over 20% proof due to recent cases of people dying from drinking contaminated booze.  So it was beer all night, no hardship.

The atmosphere turned ugly when a group of locals decided to move around us.  I had my arse slapped then another person started dancing in front of one of the girls.  Her boyfriend naturally to exception to this and made his feelings known.  He was ignored and a fight broke out which was a shame.  Still it did not stop our fun and we continued to drink and dance.  I am better at drinking than dancing.  At the end of the night we said our goodbyes and wished one another safe travels.

Until the next post, stay safe, stay healthy and keep smiling.



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