Prague & Bratislava – Day 7, 16/09/2012

More than half way through my trip and I am off to Bratislava.  This is the first time that I have travelled between countries on my travels.  It all adds to the adventure.

Maybe I spent too long in Prague but now I feel ready to move on.  The whole process of boarding the coach was painless enough.  No need to check-in, showed my ticket to the driver.  Also got a free bottle of water for the trip.  I have never been treated like that before.

I arrived in Bratislava at around 5pm.  What a culture shock compared to Prague.  It was like chalk and cheese.  Trolley buses were running past the bus station.  It was as though I had been transported back to old communist Czechoslovakia.

It was a short trolleybus ride to the hostel.  Again the comparison was chalk to cheese.  Hostel Blues is a proper hostel with a kitchen, bar and chill out zone.  More importantly it in the middle of the city.  So after finding my bed I decided to go out for a walk.  To be honest my time in Prague had caught up with me and I did not want to go far.  So after a quick bite to eat and a drink I called it an early night.


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