Prague & Bratislava – Day 9, 18/09/2012

The weather today is simply beautiful.  What shall I do with myself?  I asked the hostel receptionist for suggestions.  Without hesitation she suggested Devín Castle.  Ever helpful she pointed out which bus I should catch and how much it will cost.  Also included in the recommendation was a coffee shop I should check out when I returned to the city centre.

So off I went to the bus stop.  The bus journey like most was uneventful but once I arrived I was totally blown away.  Devín Castle is a castle ruin, but I feel it is much more than that.  It dates back to the 8th century.  It was destroyed by Napoleon Bonaparte.  There is currently a lot of archeological work that is taking place.  The views from the castle ramparts are simply stunning.  There were plenty of opportunities to take great photographs, even for me.

Making my way to Devín Castle
One of the stunning views.

As well as the castle there were plenty of paths to walk along.  It was a pity that there was nowhere open to hire a bicycle.  Today would have been a perfect day for cycling.  The nearby village was beautiful and peaceful.  To live in a place like this you would have been a winner in life’s lottery.  The River Danube looked beautiful and powerful in the countryside.

The mighty River Danube

I made my way back to the city centre feeling hungry.  I remembered the recommendation of earlier today, so I made my way to Shtoor coffee shop.  As much as I tried to find it I was not getting too much success.  Just when I thought about giving up I noticed that I was standing outside the shop.  This is what a coffee shop should be about.  Good coffee, good food and a good ambiance.  My pork and caramelized onion sandwich tasted divine.  The berry and chocolate cheesecake went down even better.

When I left Shtoor I found myself caught in a demonstration outside the British Embassy.  It was interesting to find yourself caught in something like that.  The demonstration was in support of a Slovak woman Ivana Boorova who came to the UK for work.  Her two children were taken into care two years ago and nothing appears to have been done about the situation.  This seems so unfair.  I mentioned that I was British and I would offer my support when I got home.  So if you feel that something needs to be done contact the Mayor of London Boris Johnson and let’s see what we can do.

The Demonstration

Back at the hostel I was unsure what I was going to do.  I did not fancy the pub crawl but wanted to go out for the evening.  So I decided to go to the British Rock Pub.  It was open mic night.  I enjoyed the music even if I did not understand what they were singing about.  The pub crawl ended up in here.  Somehow, I do not think they expected to be there.  A good end to a perfect day.


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