Prague & Bratislava – Day 12, 21/09/2012

My final full day of my trip.  I was determined to get as much in as I could.  Who knows when I will be back in Prague again.  So an early start was in order.  I decided I would get breakfast on the go rather than eat in the hostel.  After breakfast I made my way towards the Charles Bridge hoping that I would be able to escape the crowds.

At 09:30 in the morning I was glad to be able to miss the crowd and I could take in the sights of the bridge at my own pace rather than feeling rushed.  Once I crossed the bridge I made my way towards the Lennon Wall.  This was one place I wanted to visit after being told about it by other travellers.  When I first viewed the wall I was taken aback by the colours.  Once I started to make sense of it all.  I could see Lennon’s lyrics and I started to feel emotional.  Then I came across these two images.

It was then when my emotions overtook me.  The tears started to roll down my face.  I did not want to go home.  The last twelve days have just been so enjoyable.  Yet, all good things have to come to an end.  In my heart I knew this to be true.  I just had to compose myself again.

I just wanted to make my way back up to the castle so I walked instead of catching the tram.  I just wanted to take in all the sights and sounds that were around me.  Eventually, after a few detours I arrived at Prague Castle.  I decided that I would just purchase the Short Visit ticket.  Rather see less and savour than rush to see everything.  The Short Visit ticket started at St. Vitus cathedral.  I am a fan of churches and stained glass windows much to the amusement of my family.  In that respect St. Vitus did not disappoint me.  There were plenty of photo opportunities which I took advantage of.  Both my camera and iPhone were busy.  However, there was an over zealous member of staff who kept reminding people not to use the flash on their cameras.  Lesson for people not to set the camera to auto.

From St. Vitus I made my way to St. George’s Basilica.    This section took about forty minutes to view.  At around lunchtime things were starting to get crowded.  I needed to escape or at least needed to have something to eat.  Luckily I found a cafe that was selling a sandwich at a reasonable price.  Feeling refreshed I made my way to the Golden Avenue.  This did not disappoint me.  So much history there.  My favourite section was the museum full of amour.

I made my way to the Old Royal Palace but I found this to be disappointing.  So it was time to make my way back down the hill to the centre of Prague.

Once back I made my way to the Museum of Communism.  Though not rated too highly by Lonely Planet it was one place I wanted to see.  You cannot separate Communism from Prague as much as you may want to try.

There was one place I had yet to visit.  This was Wenceslas Square.  So much history took place there and I felt I could not miss it even if it was getting late.  It did not disappoint me.  There was almost a party atmosphere in the square.  There were lots of stalls selling souvenirs and food.  It almost felt like a Christmas market.  Must have been the Friday feeling.  It was certainly a party at the statue of King Wenceslas.

With a heavy heart I made my way back to the hostel.  Over a beer I was enjoying the company of a Canadian who reminded me that I was lucky to live so close to the mainland.  I had to agree with him.  I am a lucky man.

Until the next post, stay safe, stay healthy, keep smiling.



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