City of Lichfield

The city of Lichfield is situated in the county of Staffordshire and lies to the north of Birmingham.  A small place given city status because of the cathedral.  It is worth visiting from Birmingham to spend a city here.  A historical city it is famous for being the birthplace of Dr. Samuel Johnson.

The best way to get to Lichfield is to take the London Midland train from Birmingham New Street to Lichfield City station.  Journeys take around 40 minutes.  The most expensive adult ticket costs £7.10 for a day return.  Once you arrive into the station it is a five minute walk to the city centre.

There are several attractions to visit in Lichfield and I will list a few of my favourites.  Firstly, I will point you towards the cathedral.  Originally to be classified as a city in England you had to have a cathedral.  What makes Lichfield Cathedral unique is that it is the only medieval cathedral that has three spires.

The next place I would recommend you visit s the Samuel Johnson Birthplace Museum.  Acting both as a museum and bookshop it tells the life story of Dr. Samuel Johnson perhaps Lichfield’s most famous son.  Items that can be viewed in the museum include Johnson’s personal armchair and tea set.  The museum is located on Breadmarket Street and has free entry.

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Another attraction that you should visit is Erasmus Darwin House.  Erasmus Darwin, the grandfather of Charles Darwin was a renowned doctor, inventor, poet and scientist who lived in the city for over twenty years.  Included in the museum are two rooms with audio and visual exhibits.  One pleasing aspect of the house is the Georgian herb garden that contains plants from the period. The museum is located on Beacon Street.  Admission costs £3.00 for adults.

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A perfect place to go for a walk is Beacon Park.  Originally marshland it was reclaimed in the 19th century.  It is home to various sporting facilities used by the citizens of Lichfield.  There are also monuments and statues.  The most famous being of Edward Smith, the ill-fated captain of the R.M.S. Titanic.

If you are looking for entertainment then a visit to the Lichfield Garrick Theatre is a must.  Opened in 2003, it is named after the famous 18th century actor David Garrick who was born in the city.  The theatre shows plays and concerts while a local Rep company is based there.

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Finally, if you are looking for somewhere to eat I would personally recommend ‘The Spark Cafe Bar’.  Situated on Tamworth Street it serves excellent food at reasonable prices.  The coffee is also excellent.  There are plenty events that take place including live comedy and music.  It is also home to a book club.

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There is plenty more of Lichfield to see.  It is a rewarding place to visit for the day.  It has a small town feel where the pace is unrushed.

Until the next post, stay safe, stay healthy and keep smiling.



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