Where next?

I have spent the last couple of week deciding on my travel plans for 2013.  As a renowned procrastinator this has been a difficult task.  Financially I am in the best of health but this ok because travelling on a budget adds to the sense of adventure.  I also take advantage of the perks that available to me.  I work for a coach company in the UK so there are some ways that it helps me to travel more.

Due to the work commitments I cannot travel as much as I would like.  I only get so many days holiday in a year.  However, I do not like spending time off work at home.  It feels just a waste of my time.  Some where do I travel next?  The one decision I have made is that I will be sticking to Europe.  As I was told by a Canadian in Prague that I was so lucky to have so many places that I can reach within a day.  This is true, I must also admit that there are many places in Europe that I have yet to visit.

So I am pleased to announce that my first trip of 2013 will be to Vienna and Budapest.  I visited Vienna in 2011 but I was laid low by food poisoning which meant that I did not get to see much of the city.  Better luck this time I hope.  On my travels in September I was given so many good reports about Budapest.  If I had planned that trip better I could have included Budapest in the itinerary.  However, I am looking forward to seeing what the city offers.

Now I hit the procrastinator stage of my planning.  I am not sure what other trips I am going to plan for.  Initially I was going to plump for a trip in June and one in September like this year.  However, I am thinking more about a longer trip of over three weeks in September.  This will all depend on whether I can get that amount of time away from work.  If I do then I am looking to complete a circle of the Balkans starting and finishing in Zagreb.  If not, then it will be back to the drawing board.

By publishing my plans it commits me to carry them out.  I will also ensure that I will travel to London and other cities in the UK and report back to you.

Until the next post, stay safe, stay healthy and keep smiling.



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