My Favorite Travel Blogs

My blog has been going since May.  In its own little way I am pleased with how it is progressing and in 2013 I will be looking to build on this further.  2012 has also seen an increase in the number of travel blogs I have started to follow.  Here are a list of my favorites.

Indie Travel Podcast

This is the blog that had initially fulled my desire to travel.  Craig and Linda Martin have created a mini industry with their site.  You can purchase various travel guides that cover all aspects of travel.  The also offers travel advice and links to booking tours and accommodation.  As the name suggests Craig and Linda also produce an entertaining and informative podcast.  I consider this to be recommended listening to anybody who has an interest in travel.

Over Yonderlust

An award-winning blog run by Shaun and Erica Kuschel who have been on the road for over 30 months.  As well as the entertaining stories they it is the stunning photography that keep me returning every time.  This was rewarded by HostelBookers who gave it the Epic Photography Award this year.  Congratulations it was well deserved.

Caroline in the City

This well written blog has also become one of my favorites.  Caroline Eubanks is a freelance writer and this shows in the quality of her writing.  There are plenty of posts relating to Caroline’s travels.  There are also links to her photos and videos.  Caroline is also very generous to other aspiring writers.  Every month subscribers to the blog receive a round-up of the opportunities that are available for paid and unpaid writing jobs.

A Dangerous Place

This is another blog that is starting to reap the rewards for the hard work that has been put into it.  Amanda posts look at the quirky side of travel as well as being informative.  Like the majority of blogs there are photos and videos.  What I like about this blog is the way Amanda portrays the enjoyment of being able to travel and write.  Long may this continue.

Runaway Juno

A very successful blog that was set up by Juno Kim.  The blog is excellently laid out.  There are sections on Juno recent travels to Europe as well photo and videos.  One of her videos was featured recently in an issue of TRVL, congratulations on that.  What I most like about the blog is the tips it offers to aspiring bloggers such as myself.  It is like having a mentor you can call on.

Disrupting the Rabblement

A blog that I have recently stumbled on and how glad I am to have done so.  Niall Doherty gives update on his travels.  Each email you receive also includes a You Tube video.  He delivers each video with wit and are always entertaining.  They shot in one take so you hear people walking around him.  To me this is an original way of letting everybody know your thoughts.  Subscribers to the blog also receive a monthly financial update from Niall.

Easy Hiker

This blog is dedicated to those who enjoy hiking the great outdoors.  Each post looks at walks around Europe especially in France and Germany.  The blog contains excellent writing as well as great photos.  I am particularly fond of this blog as both Michael and Marlys have given me support with my blog.  I do appreciate the time take to retweet, like on Facebook or comment my posts.  Thank you.

There are many other travel blogs that I read and follow.  If I have not mentioned you please do not be offended.  There is no such thing as a bad travel blog.

Until the next post stay safe, stay healthy and keep smiling.



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