Travel Plans 2013

Since I returned Prague in September I have been giving a lot thought to my travel plans for 2013.  Sadly I am not in a position where travelling on a full-time basis is an option.  It is a case of balancing travel with work.  Also because of finances I have decided to stick to Europe next year.  Do not worry the rest of the world, your time will come.

I may have already mentioned in a previous post that my first trip will be to Vienna and Budapest in March,  In total it will last twelve days including the travel time.  I will be using Eurolines coach service from London.  The reasons for choosing these cities were clear.  I was in Vienna in 2011 but was confined to my dorm with food poisoning so I missed out on the delights of the city.  Second time lucky I hope.

I felt on my last trip to Prague and Bratislava that I could have planned the trip better and allowed time to visit Budapest.  I am particularly looking forward to visit as I had heard good things about the city.

My second trip I am really excited about.  I had mentioned that I was looking to do a loop of the Balkans.  The only thing that could hold me back would be the amount of time work would allow me to take off.  On Tuesday I was given the good news that I could take three weeks off work.  Now I can start planning for the Balkans in September.  All I know at this moment is that the tour will start and finish in Zagreb.  Which direction I take will be down to logistics.  I am looking to take in the major cities in Serbia, Kosovo, Albania, FYR Macedonia, Montenegro, Bosnia Herzegovina and Croatia.

Also 2013 will see me travelling more in the UK.  Also I will be looking at the feasibility of planning a big trip where I would need to take a prolonged break from work.  This has always been a dream of mine.  At the least I should explore this.  With my plans looking clearer I cannot wait for 2013.

Until the next time stay safe, stay healthy and keep smiling.



4 Replies to “Travel Plans 2013”

  1. These definitely sound like exciting plans for 2013! A visit to Vienna is high on my list. I loved the time I spent in Bosnia and Croatia. Looks like you’ll be going to some fantastic destinations next year.

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