Five Lessons I’ve Learnt From My Travels

Like anything in life, we are always learning.  This is true of travel.  Although I have always enjoyed travelling it has only been the last couple of years that I have managed to take it seriously.

The first lesson I have learnt is planning.  I have mentioned in a previous post the importance of planning your trip.  Planning for your trip is also a useful skill that I have managed to transfer to my everyday life.  Good planning allows me to stay in control.

The second lesson is to be flexible in my travels.  Sometimes all the best laid plans can go away from you.  Whether it being something going wrong or an unexpected invite.  If you get too inflexible you can miss out on experiences that can suddenly appear in front of you.


The third lesson I have learnt is to rest.  Most of the time I travel by coach which means long journey times.  By the time I arrive at my destination I am feeling very tired.  The best thing to do is just lie down and enjoy a quick nap.  This was a lesson I learnt the hard way while I was in Vienna.  I allowed myself to be talked into going and exploring the city straight after arriving into the city.  I ended up feeling unwell for the rest of the trip.


The fourth lesson is to be open to strangers.  By nature I am a shy person who has in the past suffered from confidence issues.  I travel solo so it is essential that I overcome the barrier.  There is always something that you can talk about.  The people who I have met have been great and this has allowed me to enjoy my travels more.


The final lesson I have learnt is to enjoy my travels.  Being able to travel to different places is a privilege and one that is sadly not open to everybody.  My grandfather told me if I ever stop enjoying doing anything then you should stop altogether.

Until the next post stay safe, stay healthy and keep smiling.



7 Replies to “Five Lessons I’ve Learnt From My Travels”

  1. Hey Steve,

    great post, and that’s the reason why everone should travel once in a while – these are lessons everybody should better learn!
    Keep it going,

  2. All of those are very important, especially the rest part. I tend to burn out at times. When that happens, travel is no longer fun. I’ve learned a few lessons from travel as well.

  3. I think all of these lessons are important! I can be kind of an intense traveler, and I have to be aware of that and remember to relax and enjoy the experience sometimes. And when is a nap NOT a good idea?!

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