Cutty Sark

This post is a follow up to a previous photo of the week.

The Cutty Sark can be found in Greenwich.  It is one of the most popular attractions in London.



Built as a clipper ship it was the fastest ship of its type operating during the late 19th century.  Primarily its cargo was tea which was carried between Britain and Australia.  For ten years it was the fastest ship operating between these two countries.  The Cutty Sark ended up being sold to a Portuguese shipping company.  The Cutty Sark also served as a training ship based in Falmouth, Cornwall.  It became a tourist attraction when moved to its present location in 1954.



Disaster struck the ship in 2007 when it was badly damaged by a fire.  It was fully restored and reopened in 2012.  So far there have been over 13 million visitors to the Cutty Sark.

What a visit to Cutty Sark allows you to do is to experience what life would have been like on board the ship.  There are various collections to be found on board.  These include an archive of publications that have featured the Cutty Sark.  There are also collections dedicated to the construction and working life of the Cutty Sark,  Figureheads, memorabilia, Navigational Instruments, Paintings and objects used during the working life of the ship.  Surprisingly, there is a collection dedicated to the Scottish poet Robert Burns.  It was from his poem ‘Tam O’Shanter’ where the Cutty Sark got its name.




Entrance fee is £12.00 and that could be considered as expensive.  However, given what you get to see I feel it is value for money.  There are concessions available to seniors and students.  You do have book to your ticket online and select the time you are going to visit.  If you miss your slot you will not be allowed in.

The Cutty Sark is located at King William Walk, Greenwich, London, SE10 9HT

Nearest DLR stop is Cutty Sark station.

Until the next post, stay safe, stay healthy and keep smiling.



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