Charles Bridge – Prague

The Charles Bridge or Karluv Most lies at the heart of Prague.  It connects the old city to the castle and is considered to be the most important bridge in Prague.



The bridge itself measures 621 metres long with its width coming in at 10 metres wide.  It stands on 16 arches.  There are three bridge  towers that stand at either end of the bridge.  One of which stands on the Old Town side.  The other two stand on what is known as the Lesser Quarter.  The bridge tower that stands on the Old Town is considered to be one of greatest examples of gothic style buildings in Europe.


Lining the bridge there are thirty baroque style statues.  These are now mostly replicas.  Also lining the bridge you will find plenty of artists and arts and crafts traders trying to tempt you to part with your money.  Also there will also be beggars though they ply their trade quietly.





It has been said the best time to see the bridge is at night time when there are less crowds.  I must admit my favourite was early morning as the traders were setting up for the day.  Whenever you visit Charles Bridge is a must experience when you visit Prague.



Until the next post, stay safe, stay healthy and keep smiling.




2 Replies to “Charles Bridge – Prague”

  1. In fact there are 31 statues on Charles Bridge, one is hidden down on the pillar and it is my favorite :-); ALL of them are copies and beggars came back this year, as it is forbidden for them being there, maybe police stopped controling?

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