Photo of the Week – Pall Mall, London

This week’s photo is of one of my favourite spots in London, Pall Mall.


The road leading up to Buckingham Palace is very popular during the summer.  On Sunday’s the road is closed to traffic allowing pedestrians to be able walk down the Mall.  It is a pleasant way to spend a Sunday afternoon.

Until the next post, stay safe, stay healthy and keep on smiling.


Checklist – Vienna & Budapest

It is now 10 days to go before my trip to Vienna and Budapest.  Now is the time to start preparing so not to leave anything to the last-minute.  So this is my checklist.

  1. Get my rucksack out of the cupboard.  I am sure that it will need airing before I use it.  I can also check for any holes that may have appeared.  I have had my rucksack for 13 years.  It has served me well. 
    Old Faithful Rucksack.
    Old Faithful Rucksack.


  2. Check the contents of my first aid kit to make sure that everything is still in date and replace where necessary.
  3. Transfer money to my travel cards.  This will be done during the week to ensure there are funds for the trip.
  4. Purchase some Euro’s.  I will be travelling to Vienna by coach.  I will need some refreshments along the journey.
  5. Pack the rucksack.  I am aiming to do this the weekend before I travel.  I do not want to leave this to the last-minute.  It is going to be an early start on the day of travel and I do not want to spend the time last-minute packing.  You always end up forgetting something.
  6. Get some sleep before I set off.  As I have already mentioned I will be setting off early.  I finish work at 17:00 and it takes me about 90 minutes to get home.  The aim is to have two or three hours sleep.  Must remember to set the alarm.
  7. Ensure all gadgets are fully charged.  This includes back-up batteries.  It is going to be a long journey so I need to keep myself amused.
  8. Ensure all tickets, passports and other documentation is packed.  I tend to double-check, even triple check.  The last thing I want to notice at Birmingham Coach Station is I have forgotten my passport.
  9. Arrange taxi to coach station.  Being a Wednesday morning this should not be a problem but I will have to book it early to be on the safe side.
  10. Finally, if the above has been ticked off then sit back relax and enjoy the trip.

Until the next post, stay safe, stay healthy and keep smiling.


Photo of the Week – Street Entertainment, Covent Garden, London

This week’s photo is of a street entertainer in Covent Garden.


A popular tourist area in London you would always see somebody trying to entertain you for tips.  It is worth spending an hour or two watching and enjoying the free entertainment.

Until the next post stay safe, stay healthy and keep smiling.


Golden Lane – Prague Castle

Golden Lane can be found in Prague Castle.  It consists of small houses that have been compared to doll’s houses.  Franz Kafka lived here with his sister between 1916-17.  When the communists took over Czechoslovakia they nationalised the Golden Lane.  They restored the buildings.  Today the Golden Lane forms part of the Prague Castle complex.  Which ever visit option you chose will get to visit the Golden Lane.  However, you cannot visit the Lane on its own.  It is a welcome change to all the castles and churches though it does get packed during peak times.







There is many sites to see on the Golden Lane.  Just take your time and enjoy.

Until the next post stay safe, stay healthy and keep smiling.


Frustration of Lost Photos

I was going to post some photos and stories of my trip to Berlin in 2007.  I initially thought that I had the photos on my hard drive.  Nothing was found so I must have made a back CD with them on.  After days of searching I found a back up CD from August 2007.  This is must be where I put the photos.  Sadly, I was to be disappointed.  The frustration of not being able to find the photos is one thing, but it is the memories that are associated with them.

I spent 5 great days in Berlin.  There was so much that I saw and experienced.  Now I have nothing to share.  Who is going to believe me?  I saw the last pieces of the Berlin Wall.  Loved the Brandenburg Gate, Potsdamer Platz, Alexanderplatz and so much more that I wanted to share with you.  My memories of Berlin was that it was city that was on the up.  It was basking from the success of hosting the previous year’s soccer World Cup.  Berlin is the symbol of the new reunified Germany.

So, the main lesson I have learnt is that I must back-up my photos.  Still, it is not all bad.  It means that I will have to visit Berlin again.

Until the next post, stay safe, stay healthy, keep smiling and back up your photos.


Photo of the Week – Venus de Milo

This week’s photo is of the Venus de Milo which is displayed at the Louvre in Paris.


You can see that it is a popular attraction.  I have recently rediscovered a lot of photos from my trip to Paris taken in 2005.  Hopefully I will be sharing more with you.

Until the next post stay safe, stay healthy and keep smiling.


The Liebster Blog Awards – Again

Like buses I have been nominated again for the The Liebster Blog Awards.  This time the nomination came from Jessica from Ways of Wanderers.  Thank you Jessica.  This is a fun way to meet new bloggers and discover new blogs.  You can follow Jessica on twitter @waysofwanderers


Here are the rules of the Liebster Award:

  • When you receive the award, you post 11 random facts about yourself and answer 11 questions from the person who nominated you on your blog.
  • Pass the award onto 11 other blogs (make sure you tell them you nominated them!) and ask them 11 questions.
  • You are not allowed to nominate the blog who nominated you.

My 11 Random Facts:

1. I have broadcast on radio

2. I have lived and worked in France, even though I cannot speak the language.

3. I graduated from university aged 37.

4. I was an Assistant Scout Leader for 8 years.

5. I follow Walsall FC who play in the English League One.  Up the Saddlers!

6. Apparently the family line can be traced back to the Normans.

7. I have over 60,000 tracks in my ITunes account.

8. I would love to be able to play the drums.

9. I can see myself ending my days outside the UK.

10. I drink too much coffee for my own good.

11. I always arrive too early at my destination.

I have used the same facts as the post last week.  I could not think of another 11 interesting facts.

My answers to the questions Jessica asked me:

  1. If you were to write your last blog post ever, what would the title be? And Now The End Is Near
  2. Which food do you miss most when you’re on the road? Toad in the Hole (Sausage in Batter)
  3. What is one job you’ve had that you would never ever do again? Cutting cheese in a deli counter.
  4. If you had to give up either visiting beaches or historical buildings/monuments for the rest of your traveling life, which would you choose? Easy, beaches.
  5. What is the worst meal you’ve had on the road? Chinese meal in Vienna.  I ended up with food poisoning.
  6. What song do you blast in the car first when you head out for a road trip? More Than A Feeling by Boston
  7. What is the most unusual item that you travel with? Beard Trimmer
  8. Do you have a favourite travel-related book? It can be a travel narrative or a guidebook. You’ve Gone Too Far This Time, Sir! by Danny Bent
  9. What is your biggest insecurity? Being a solo traveller, not being able to connect with people at a hostel.
  10. Do you consider yourself to be more of a planner or a flying-by-the-seat-of-your-pants kind of traveler? Planner
  11. How do you keep yourself entertained during long train or bus rides? Listen to music on my 160GB iPod Classic

My 11 Questions to the Blogs I Nominate

1. What is your worst travel experience?

2. What is your favourite song?

3. What is thing that always brings a tear to your eye?

4. Which social network do you use the most?

5. What would be your last meal?

6. Who would be your least ideal travel companion?

7. Which luxury would you always travel with?

8. Do you listen to podcasts?

9. Which do you prefer, Hostels or Hotels?

10. What do you hate about travelling?

11. Slow or quick travelling?

Again I am asking the same 11 questions as last week.

My 11 Nominees!

 Alyssa from Elsaway

Byron from Byronbackpacks

Tiffany from The Unimagined Life

Kate from Canuckiwikate

Doc Wends from Journeys & Travels

Sarah from Asia Travel Tales

Renee from Travel with Renee

Tahira from Tahira007

Callie from Wilds of Wherever

Caitlin from Caitlin’s Wanderlust

Chris and Rach from Flip Flops Only

Let’s keep spreading the travel blog love! Thank you again Jessica for the nomination!