Musée Rodin, Paris

One of the most surprising delights of Paris is the Musée Rodin.  Set in the outskirts of Paris the museum is based at the Villa des Brilliants which was Rodin’s old home.

When you enter the grounds you are confronted by Rodin’s sculpture of the ‘Gates of Hell’ based on Dante’s inferno.  What struck me was the magnificence of the piece.  There is so much detail going on and sitting at the top is a figure who I will come back to later.

Gates of Hell
Gates of Hell

Inside the museum you are given the life story of Rodin.  More importantly there are on display some of Rodin’s sculptures.  The most popular would be ‘The Kiss’.  However, every time I view it I cannot stop thinking of Monty Python and Terry Gilliam’s animation.

The Kiss
The Kiss

An added bonus to the museum is a walk around the gardens.  It was place that allowed me to contemplate about my visit to Paris.  To be in the heart of the city yet find a spot that was so tranquil was something to enjoy.


Finally the highlight of the visit is the giant statue of ‘The Thinker’.  This is probably Rodin’s most famous work.  It is the perfect photo opportunity.

The Thinker (Guess which one)
The Thinker (Guess which one)

I believe that any visit to Paris should include a visit to the Musée Rodin.  If only to escape the bustle of the main sights of Paris.

Musée Rodin, 79, rue de Varenne – 75007 Paris

Nearest Metro Stops : Varenne (Line 13) or Invalides (Line 13 or Line 8)

Admission €9, 18-25 years (Non EU) €5, 18-25 years (EU Citizens) Free

Until the next post, stay safe, stay healthy and keep smiling.



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