Checklist – Vienna & Budapest

It is now 10 days to go before my trip to Vienna and Budapest.  Now is the time to start preparing so not to leave anything to the last-minute.  So this is my checklist.

  1. Get my rucksack out of the cupboard.  I am sure that it will need airing before I use it.  I can also check for any holes that may have appeared.  I have had my rucksack for 13 years.  It has served me well. 
    Old Faithful Rucksack.
    Old Faithful Rucksack.


  2. Check the contents of my first aid kit to make sure that everything is still in date and replace where necessary.
  3. Transfer money to my travel cards.  This will be done during the week to ensure there are funds for the trip.
  4. Purchase some Euro’s.  I will be travelling to Vienna by coach.  I will need some refreshments along the journey.
  5. Pack the rucksack.  I am aiming to do this the weekend before I travel.  I do not want to leave this to the last-minute.  It is going to be an early start on the day of travel and I do not want to spend the time last-minute packing.  You always end up forgetting something.
  6. Get some sleep before I set off.  As I have already mentioned I will be setting off early.  I finish work at 17:00 and it takes me about 90 minutes to get home.  The aim is to have two or three hours sleep.  Must remember to set the alarm.
  7. Ensure all gadgets are fully charged.  This includes back-up batteries.  It is going to be a long journey so I need to keep myself amused.
  8. Ensure all tickets, passports and other documentation is packed.  I tend to double-check, even triple check.  The last thing I want to notice at Birmingham Coach Station is I have forgotten my passport.
  9. Arrange taxi to coach station.  Being a Wednesday morning this should not be a problem but I will have to book it early to be on the safe side.
  10. Finally, if the above has been ticked off then sit back relax and enjoy the trip.

Until the next post, stay safe, stay healthy and keep smiling.



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