Vienna & Budapest – Day 8, 14 March 2013

After two late nights in succession I decided to have a lie in this morning.  Looking outside the window I could see it was raining.  Today I plan to try to see parts of Budapest that I have not seen.

I had a late breakfast after which I decided to brave the weather.  Oh dear, the rain had turned to sleet and there was a strong wind in the air.  It is feeling so cold.  I had not packed my hat and gloves.

The best bet was to stay indoors where possible so the first stop was St. Stephen’s Basilica.  Once inside for the chance to stay dry.  The basilica is stunning inside.  There were plenty of opportunities for taking photographs.  I love the inside of large churches.  They are so beautifully decorated.  You either like these  or not.  The highlight of any visit is to see the right hand of St. Stephen.  It is kept in a glass housing.  For two hundred florins you can light the housing to show the hand in more detail.  Once somebody put in a coin out came the cameras.

The Right Hand of St. Stephen
The Right Hand of St. Stephen

Back outside I tried to my way around the city.  I had wanted to make my way toward Margitsziget but by now the weather was getting too much for me.  It is not the rain or snow that was bothering me.  After all it is only water but the cold was getting too much to handle.  I was struggling to hold my camera.  A cup of coffee was in order.

After warming myself up I made the decision to make my way back to the hostel.  I was disappointed but by now I was feeling fed up.  This was my last day in Budapest.

I contacted Marion to see if we were meeting up tonight and was happy to see we were.  She had the same type of day as me.  We agreed not to venture out too far and ended up in the Greenspub.  Again it was full which is always a good sign. I chose to have the pork knuckle soup served inside a loaf of bread.  This was by a mixed grill with pickles.  A great last meal in Budapest.

We decided to make our way back to the hostel.  When we arrived there seemed to be a lot of activity going on.  There was a live band set up to play and there was also a lot of locals inside.  Apparently somebody was celebrating a birthday.  We were speaking to a couple from the Netherlands.  They were in the middle of their holiday going through Europe.  I declined a suggestion of going to the Szimpla Bar.  I was leaving tomorrow and thought of returning home was making me feel sad.  I went to sleep to the sound of the band ringing in my ears.

Until the next post stay safe, stay healthy and keep smiling.



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