Naschmarkt, Vienna

One of the most famous attractions in Vienna is the Naschmarkt.


Originally established in the 16th Century it sold milk bottles.  In those days these bottles were made from Ash.  The German word for Ash is Asch and this is how it took on its name.  From the 18th Century it started to sell fruit and vegetables.  On Saturdays a flea market also takes place.  The market is both popular with both the local population and visitors.

What I liked about the market was the number of stores and the variety of goods sold. Many of the vendors were more than happy to offer samples for customers to try. Olives and vegetarian fritters were particularly popular during my visit.  One of my highlights was the unusual way a vendor sold vinegar.  You bring a bottle to fill with your favourite flavour.

The Vinegar Store
The Vinegar Store

I was lucky to visit on Saturday when the flea market was open.  There was a vibrant atmosphere in the market.  People were trying to sell whatever belonging they may have.  To be honest a lot of the stock was broken rubbish but that did not deter a lot of people looking and buying.  I spent a lot of time flicking through LP’s.  A reminder of my youth.  It is a good job I travel with a rucksack otherwise I might have been tempted to buy some.

The Flea Market at the Naschmarkt
The Flea Market at the Naschmarkt

The best time to visit is Saturday morning.  You get to experience the flea market and food stalls before it gets too busy.  There are plenty of bars and cafe to stop and eat. Even better if the weather is good, stock up on meat, cheese, bread and fruit and make your way to one of the parks and enjoy a picnic.

Until the next post, stay safe, stay healthy and keep smiling.



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