Should I Be Envious?

As I am sitting in a coffee shop my mind was turning to thoughts about one of the people I follow on twitter. Sam Starling of Totally Sam's World is about to embark on her RTW trip. I could not feel anything but envy. She is doing the one thing that I always want to do. However, the question I should be asking myself is 'why be envious?'

What Sam and others like have done is got off their backside and acted to carry out their dreams. This has involved a tremendous amount of self-sacrifice. Meanwhile I am sitting on mine doing the same old thing. Travel has become a passion. I have enjoyed reading people's tales on their blogs. There have contained some tips that I have followed. During the past year I have undertaken three trips with another one planned for September. I do dream of giving it all up for a year to travel around the world. You can see on the bucket list post all the places I would like to see. Yet, I procrastinate too much and never get round to making a plan of action.

With that I have answered my own question. I should not be envious of Sam and others. They are living their dream. The feelings of envy are only because I do not have the balls to do something about it. This has got to change. I just discovered a note on my iPhone which was a itinerary with rough budget of a ideal RTW trip. Time to stop dreaming.

I wish Sam all the best on her trip. You can follow Sam on Totally Sam's World, twitter @TravelSamsWorld. Sam also contribute to RTW Backpackers

Until the next post stay safe, stay healthy and keep smiling.



2 Replies to “Should I Be Envious?”

  1. This is something that plays on my mind a lot, too. Finishing uni last summer, I was all ready for my dream trip around Eastern and South-Eastern Europe, until my dream job came up. I made a conscious decision to put my travelling plans on hold – something that I know was the right decision – but still makes me so envious seeing posts and photos of others off doing it.
    For now, I just have to trust that ‘my time will come’. 🙂

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