Guidebooks – Physical or Digital?

Guidebooks are an essential tool for travellers. Whether it be for planning, using on your visit or just for reading your guidebook becomes your bible.

Once upon a time you just go into your local bookshop to purchase your guidebook, now we can go online for guidebooks to view on smartphones, e-readers and tablets. Which one is best?

I have tried both over the years. Recently, I had moved over to digital but I do have a problem with them. I am loathed to be walking around with my iPad on view. It must make a magnet for the opportunist thief. Can never understand why people use the iPad as a camera. When I used a guidebook on my iPhone I found that it quickly drained my battery. Overall a frustrating experience.

This is why for my Balkans trip I will be reverting back to the physical guidebook. Armed with my Lonely Planet guide to Eastern Europe I will be wending my merry way. It might take up some weight in my rucksack but there is something satisfying about looking at maps on paper. It is easier to highlight and read too. Sure I love my Kindle and iPad to read books and magazines but for guidebooks the physical book will always be the best experience.

Which you do prefer?

Until the next post stay safe, stay healthy and keep smiling.




One Reply to “Guidebooks – Physical or Digital?”

  1. I moved over to the digital kind on this last trip, and wasn’t real pleased. I’m going to miss the old paper kind, but I kind of feel like they are a dying breed.

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