St. Stephen’s Basilica – Budapest

One of the outstanding buildings in Budapest in my opinion is St. Stephen’s Basilica. It is named after St. Stephen the first King of Hungary. Though it is not the largest church in Hungary it is the most important. It also ranks as the third highest building in Hungary.

St. Stephen's at Night.
St. Stephen’s at Night.

As I may have mentioned before that I like to visit religious buildings even though I am not a great believer. To me it is a great way of exploring and taking photographs. There is an ornate beauty to churches, especially old ones. I hope that these photos give you an idea of what I mean.




The highlight of any visit to St. Stephen’s is the chance to view the right hand of the saint himself. It is said to be incorruptible. It is housed in the reliquary inside a glass case. For 200 forints you can light up the case for a better view.

The Right Hand of St. Stephen
The Right Hand of St. Stephen

St. Stephen’s is also an important venue for Choral and Classical concerts. There are regular organ recitals taking place. In the summer the Basilica choir performs every Sunday.

There is no best time on when to visit the basilica. If you visit during the day you can have the chance at extra cost to visit the Treasury or get to climb to the top and take in the panoramic view of Budapest. However, my visit coincided with a cold snap and it was just too cold. Alternately you could visit at night. The basilica takes on a different look in the night sky. I was fortunate to have been able to both.  Whatever time you choose to visit is up to you but I recommend that you visit all the same.

St. Stephen’s Basilica, 1051 Budapest, Szent István tèr 1.

Until the next post stay safe, stay healthy and keep smiling.



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