Frici Papa Kifozdeje, Budapest

When I was in Budapest I was determined to go and eat some authentic Hungarian cuisine. The Wombats hostel recommended to try Frici Papa Kifozdeje.

It took about fifteen minutes to walk to the restaurant from the hostel. We were welcomed by a good atmosphere, there were plenty of people already there. This is always a good sign. None decided to have a starter and went straight for the main course. Two of the party chose to order Chicken breast paprikash. Another ordered Mushroomgulash. I decided to order Beefgulash with red wine and noodles. It tasted delicious and costing 479ft I thought it to be excellent value too.

My Excellent Meal

We shared a pudding. It was called Dumps with poppy seed. I could only describe it as a sweet dumplings literally covered in poppy seeds. Very sweet and I could taste poppy seeds for a couple of hours afterwards.

Overall, I enjoyed my visit to Frici Papa Kifozdeje. It is a good place to go and eat authentic cuisine at a good price. I will definitely visit again the next time I am in Budapest.

Frici Papa Kifozdeje, Kiraly utca 55, Budapest 1077, Hungary

Until the next post, stay safe, stay healthy and keep smiling.




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