Budapest – A Reflection

Budapest was a city that I always wanted to visit. I had originally planned to come in 2011 but ill health forced me to abandon the plan. So I was glad that I could visit this year.

I had arrived from Vienna. We all know that Vienna is a beautiful city with all its classical architecture. How would Budapest compare. When I arrived into the coach station my first impressions were not great. I took the metro and all I could see was the 70's style carriage and how dirty it looked. Once I left the Deak Ferenc ter station and saw the sunshine everything felt a lot better.

A grubby looking metro station

The city itself had a faded charm to it. There were a lot of old buildings that had seen better days yet you could imagine how beautiful they once looked. That said some of these old buildings have been put to use as ruin bars. The one I would recommend to visit is Szimpla Kert. It is described as the mother of the city ruin bars.

One of the faded buildings

Like of a Europe's capital cities the majority of the sites can be reached on foot. I enjoyed the free walking tour which was a god way of familiarising yourself with the sites. The metro while only consisting of three lines is also a good way of travelling within the city.

There were so many sites to see in Budapest. The highlights included Castle Hill, St.Stephen's Basilica, House of Terror and Heroes Square. However, there was so much that I missed as Memento Park or visiting one of the thermal baths and much more. At least it will give me the perfect excuse to come back.

I could not say that I starved while I was in Budapest. The local cuisine was both delicious and filling. My favourite food experience was enjoying the Langos in the Great Market Hall surrounded by the locals enjoying their lunch.

An example of the local cuisine

Finally, I would like to say how friendly the people were in Budapest apart from the staff at the coach station. Wherever I went people were always offering help and recommendations. It helped make my visit more enjoyable.

Overall, Budapest blew me away with its charm and beauty. If you want a good value city break then it is a place to go. I cannot wait to go back.

Until the next post stay safe, stay healthy and keep smiling.




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