As I sit down in the coffee shop enjoying my mocha latte and muffin it dawned on me that today was the 20th August. It also meant that I have 20 days until I leave for my next trip to the Balkans.

I had always penciled in today for starting my preparations for the trip. I am on a rest day from work. The last three days have been stressful and I feel battered by the whole experience. At least I will not be working any more weekends until after my trip.

There are a few things that need to be done today. The first of these is to get the rucksack out of storage and check for any damage it may have. The last thing I need is for anything to break while I am away.

Next on my to-do list today is to arrange the taxi from Split Airport to the hostel. The hostel said they could arrange something a taxi for a discounted rate. This will be useful. By the time I arrive into Split I will have been travelling for over twelve hours.

Finally today I will be checking for the small items I will need to take. Things like medicine, ear plugs and charger. While not the end of the world if not taken it could cause inconvenience and potential expense.

I have been planning this trip since the new year and it is becoming so close now that I feel excited. For me I am feel enthused about everything after a period of feeling down. I have not enjoyed a break from work since I returned from Vienna in March. The batteries need re-charging. Of course, I look forward to sharing everything with you.

Until the next post stay safe, stay healthy and keep smiling.




3 Replies to “20”

      1. Very jealous! I was planning to see them all when I was planning a big Balkans trip which never made it to fruition. Look forward to reading about your trip.

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