Ten Things To Do In 2014

It is that time of year where we start looking forward towards the new year. With this I am going to list ten things I want to do in 2014. Some look similar to those who read my 2013 post.

  1. Purchase the domain name for the blog – this is one of those carried over from 2013. I have received plenty of encouragement from my fellow bloggers. They have advised that this is the next logical step to take. I have found out it is not as expensive as I thought.
  2. Take blogging more seriously – I am determined that 2014 will see me spend more time on the blog. With that I will become more professional. I will be concentrating not only on content but also the look of the blog. Of course any advice will be gratefully received.
  3. Sort out my social media – to be honest my social media is in a mess. It has become too cluttered and needs to be tidied up. Facebook is my biggest priority.
  4. Use independent coffee shops – Nothing wrong in using the chains but in my experience the better tasting coffee is found in the independent shops.
  5. Become fitter – What was clear on my last trip was how unfit I had become. Changes to my diet have been important. Also I have been on a exercise regime which I have lost some weight. Sadly, Christmas has seen me put some of it back on but I know that I am capable of becoming fitter.
  6. Reach out to more bloggers – I have been lucky that I have established some good relationships with some travel bloggers. In 2014 I want to extend that to more. I read a lot of travel blogs and I am looking to reply more to the posts.
  7. Be less fearful – Last year I wanted to introduce myself to the travel industry but held back. I explained in a previous post that this was down to fear of failure. In order to build the blog I need to get over this fear. After all, the worst thing that can happen is that they say no to me.
  8. Be more spontaneous – There is nothing wrong with planning but it can stop you doing things on the spur of the moments. What my travels in 2013 taught me was that I could be more spontaneous and not miss out on potential experiences.
  9. Learn a new skill – You are never too old to learn something new. I've always wanted to learn another language. Also I am exploring the possibility of taking TEFL course. We will see where this takes me.
  10. Upgrade Travel Tech – This may not happen but I am always on the lookout for a bargain.

These are not new year resolutions but targets that I've set for myself. I hope that you obtain your goals for 2014. I wish you all a Happy New Year.




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