The Next Trip

Now I regained the desire to blog I needed to plan the next trip. This will be the first trip in two years. I had plenty of ideas floating around in my head. After much deliberation I have decided that I will be visiting Bulgaria.


The visit is going to take place towards the end of September. I have set the following itinerary for myself:

1. Sofia (3 nights) 27 – 29/09
2. Plovdiv (3 nights) 30/09 – 02/10
3. Varna (3 nights) 03 – 05/10
4. Veiliko Tarnovo (3 nights) 06 – 08/10
5. Sofia (2 nights) 09 & 10/10

There were other places I wanted to visit but on researching I found that accommodation was limited. It should allow me to see a fair chunk of Bulgaria allowing for day trips outside the cities.

For me the fun will now start with the planning and as I check the Easyjet app on my phone there are 191 days until I leave. Maybe there will be a chance that I can sneak in another quick trip.

What do you think of my trip? I would love to hear from you.

Until the next post stay safe, stay healthy and keep smiling.



6 Replies to “The Next Trip”

  1. What are you interested in seeing most – nature (mountains, rivers, forests, lakes), archeologic sites, UNESCO World Heritage sites, monasteries, quaint villages?

      1. Just a few suggestions based on the cities you’ll be staying in:
        Sofia: National History Museum, Boyana Church ( and surrounding park, National Archeological Museum
        Near Sofia: town of Koprivshtitza
        Plovdiv: the old town (, ancient Roman ampitheatre, Ethnographic Museum
        En route from Plovdiv to Veliko Turnovo: towns of Triavna and/or Elena
        Veliko Turnovo: Tzarevetz, Arbanassi architectural reserve
        Varna: sea garden, Museum of the National Revival
        Bulgaria has many beautiful monasteries all around the country so it might be worth seeing at least one in your travels. The natural beauty is exceptional so at least one hike is a way to go local. Bulgarians love their mountains and love long walks. Have a wonderful time!

  2. Hi from Finland! What a great plan! I just love Bulgaria. I recommend the Boyana Church, Alexander Nevski Cathedral and the National Museum of History in Sofia. I have heard that the Rila Monastery nearby is great too. I really need to go back to do more exploring 🙂

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