Photo of the Week – Birmingham Central Library

This is the third photo I have posted of the new Birmingham Central Library.

Costing £189m the library was opened on Tuesday by Malala Yousafazi. She was the schoolgirl shot by the Taliban for speaking for education for girls in her native Pakistan. She was treated in Birmingham and her family have made the city their home.

In her speech Malala said “A city without books in a city without a library is like a graveyard.” She also added that books were precious and they were the weapons to beat terrorism. Wise words from one so young.

There are nine floors to the library of which three are closed to the public. There are also two viewing platforms which were proving popular with people enjoying the good weather. This building could become an icon for Birmingham.

Until the next post stay safe, stay healthy and keep smiling.



Photo of the Week (2) – Birmingham Food Fair

This is a first, I am posting another photo of the week. This photo is of the Food Fair that is taking place in Birmingham.

The fair is being held in Victoria Square in the centre of the city. It began on Wednesday and will run until Monday 26 August. There are plenty of stores offering food from the UK and around the world. There is also a German beer tent. Sadly. I am working this weekend so the earliest I will be able to make it will be next weekend. Hopefully, I will report back to you.

Until the next post stay safe, stay healthy and keep smiling.



Photo of the Week – Gas Street Basin, Birmingham

This week’s photo is of the Gas Street Basin in Birmingham.


The area is located in the centre of the city.  It is a hub where the canal boats dock.  The basin is also home some of the most popular bars and restaurants in Birmingham.

Until the next post stay safe, stay healthy and keep smiling.


UK + Snow = No Go

I woke up on Friday thinking that I would struggle to find inspiration for the next blog posting. Then I opened the curtains and then it hit me. Snow had come to the UK.

With snow comes everything else and being the UK everything comes to a grinding halt. The schools shut and it seemed that a lot of people did not make it to work. It is estimated that snow costs the UK economy £500m per day.

Then I had my own personal experience of going to work. Yes, I managed to get to work (shift was 14:00 – 22:00) I could see the carnage on the roads. As normal there were no signs of gritting vehicles or snow ploughs. This meant that other vehicles were moving slowly. Coupled with the temperature falling below zero I could see the ice forming on the roads. This particularly affected local public transport especially the buses. There were plenty of people who were late for work because of this. I managed to get to work on time by catching the train. At the time they were not affected by the snow.

I could see people struggling and I felt embarrassed. I speak to people who deal with snow though out the winter and they must laugh at our inability to cope. Then you see the scenes at Heathrow Airport with all the cancelled flights. Not a good advert for the UK. It is hard to believe that six months ago we successfully organised the Olympics and Paralympics. A bit of snow and we grind to a halt. The problem is that the UK is that it is difficult to predict when we will get snow. It usually only falls once during the winter and then it last for a week at most.

As for my own experience of the day, it was mixed. The local buses stopped running at 19:00 which while bad news I still could catch the train. They were still running but I noticed that they were beginning to get delayed. I had no real choice but leave work early. I managed to get home safely but the journey took nearly 90 minutes.

However, snow is not all bad. It does allow the chance to take advantage of possible photo opportunities.

Until the next post, stay safe, stay healthy and keep smiling.



Photo of the Week – Christmas is Coming

This week’s photo is of the construction of a stall in the Birmingham German Christmas Market.

An annual event since 2001 the Christmas Market celebrates Birmingham’s links with its twin city of Frankfurt.  Situated from Centenary Square to New Street there are nearly 200 stalls that sell arts, crafts, food and drink.  It is always popular with citizens and visitors alike.  The market closes on 22 December.