Pin It Forward UK

I have been a member of Pinterest for nearly nine months. Would have to admit that I first struggled with the concept initially, but my confidence grew the more I got involved.

What I love about Pinterest is the ease of being able to create your own boards according to your hobbies and interests. Also I love the way you can pin images onto your boards. This is a bonus and a great way of sharing to everybody.

As you may gather the main interest in my life is travel and that is what I mostly blog about. Pinterest allows me to showcase great photography from other travel bloggers. I have put these together on a board called 'Great Pictures'. Well any photos look a lot better than mine. You will probably be able to spot them.

Pinterest is fast becoming an essential tool for bloggers. This is why it is so exciting to see it launch in the UK. I also feel honoured and humbled to be asked to contribute to the birth of something that I know will become massive.

However, that is enought about me. I suggest that tomorrow you make time and wend your way towards Jallian Yehia's blog Savoir There. You can find her boards on You can find her boards on

Finally I would implore you to spread the word about Pinterest. After all one image can say more than a thousand words.

Until the next post, stay safe, stay healthy and keep pinning.