Vienna & Budapest – Days 10 & 11

Well the day has arrived, it is time to go home.  I worked out that I will be spending nearly 36 hours travelling before I arrived home.  This is going to take a lot out of me.  Spent my final morning in Budapest eating breakfast, shopping for supplies and chilling out making sure my gadgets were fully charged.

At around 12pm it was time to go.  The sun was shining and I was expecting no problems travelling today.  I made my way to the coach station.  Once there I thought I better make sure that the coaches to Vienna were running today.  To my horror they had all been cancelled and if I wanted to travel then I would have to make my way to the railway station.  When I asked about where I could find the railway station the reply was they did not know.  I stunned at the apparent lack of help towards my situation.  Next, I asked at the information desk.  Again, they appeared reluctant to help.  Eventually they produced a metro map with the stop for the railway station marked out.  I only hope that I had enough money for a ticket otherwise I would be stuck.

Getting to the railway station was easy enough I just had to find the ticket office.  I was relieved to find out that I could purchase a ticket.  Must remember not to judge other countries railways by the UK’s.  A train was about to leave the station.  I managed to board it and as I was storing my rucksack the train pulled out of Budapest.  At last I was on the road and would be in Vienna with time to spare.

I arrived into Vienna Westbanhof Station later in the afternoon.  The best thing for me was to make my way to the coach station and check to see if the coach to London was running.  After initially scaring me the staff confirmed that my coach was running.  I explained the situation with the coaches to Vienna and the kindly refunded half my coach fare.  As I had plenty of time to spare before I left Vienna I caught the U-bahn to St. Stephen’s Cathedral for one last look.  Took the time to enjoy a Bratwurst and take one last photo.

Final photo of St Stephen's Cathedral
Final photo of St Stephen’s Cathedral

Finally the time to leave Vienna had arrived and the coach pulled out of the station.  My heart felt heavy and sad.  To comfort myself I listened to some comedy on the i-pod and started to read up on the places I would be visiting in September.  Always have something to look forward to.

The coach journey itself was unspectacular and I slept through a lot of it.  I did arrive back into London almost an hour earlier than expected.  Took the opportunity to have something hot to eat before boarding the coach back to Birmingham.  I had forgotten that today was St. Patrick’s Day.  As soon as I arrived back in Birmingham I was confronted with the sight of drunken people who were looking for a fight.  During my trip I had not witnessed any anti-social behaviour.  Was I glad to be home?

Until the next post stay safe, stay healthy and keep smiling.


My Travel Tech for 2013

As this year I have decided to devote more of my spare time to travel I need to ensure that my tech is up to speed. There are five items that I will be taking with me on my travels.

1. iPad 4 64GB Wi-fi


This is my latest piece of tech. I am not a full time travel blogger so the iPad gives me all that I need. There are plenty of apps available and I can make hardware changes such as adding a Bluetooth keyboard if required. I am using Blogsy for updating my blog. If I were to become a full time blogger then of course I would look to invest in a MacBook or MacBook Air. I have tried to a Windows 8 laptop but I found it to be a frustrating experience. I am back to what I know and love.

2. iPhone 4S 16GB


This is my third iPhone and I have never suffered any problems with them apart from battery life. It is a device that can do almost everything. Take photos, play music, be a GPS and you can make calls too. My favourite apps are Spotify and Instagram. With iCloud it links to the iPad. As for battery life I take a power pack as back up. I never leave home without it.

3.Panasonic Lumix LZ20 Bridge Camera

I am not the world's greatest photographer as these photos show. This is a area that I wish to improve on. While I am not ready to move to a DSLR this is the next step up. Hopefully in the coming months you will notice the results.

4. Amazon Kindle

This is purely for reading. I do travel on long coach journeys and it allows time to pass. There are plenty of books stored on it. A big plus is that the battery life lasts a long time between charges.
5. iPod Classic 160GB (2007)


Old faithful, this has been with me on a lot of my travels. Lasts a long time on one charge it allows me to have all the music I need. Even better when shuffle is on.

These devices should keep me happy. Until the next post, stay safe, stay healthy and keep smiling.