The Last Post

Today is a sad day. This is the last post on

However, do not be sad, as I have registered the domain and now will be posting as So hop on over and follow me on there.

Before I go I would like to thank everybody who has followed me over the past 20 months. Your comments , encouragement and support have been greatly appreciated. I look forward to your continued support on

As ever, stay safe, stay healthy and keep smiling.


2013 – How Did I Fare?

At the start of the year I set myself a target of 10 things that I wanted to do in 2013. So, how did it go for me?

  1. Purchase the domain name for the blog – this did not happen. A must for 2014.
  2. Take better photographs – I have received positive comments about some of my photos. I also feel that my photography has improved.
  3. Spend at least two hours a day on the blog or travel planning – To be honest I did tend to drop in and out of the blog. Need to spend more time on the blog in order to get more out of it. Better time management is in order.
  4. Start making contact with my fellow bloggers – I did manage to make contact with some of my fellow bloggers and have established some good relationships with them. Of course, I need to put myself out more by offering to put out guest post.
  5. Start introducing myself to the travel industry – Simply put it did not happen this year. Maybe, it was a case of holding myself back in case fear of refusal. More courage is needed.
  6. Attend a trade show – This did not happen though I did attend the Destinations Show courtesy of Tucan Travel.
  7. Explore my local area more – Started to do this more. Also visited more of the UK as well. Will continue to do this more in 2014.
  8. Make more contact with local people – This has been a success as I have been staying in smaller hostels. These are tended to be run by local people. They give you the places to go away from the tourist crowds. The kindest people I encountered was in Belgrade.
  9. Sort out my travel finances – I did not save regularly though I had enough money for my travels. I do however, need to budget more.
  10. Upgrade my travel tech – I did upgrade my iPad to the iPad 4 64GB. I am not a full time travel blogger so it is more than enough for my needs. I will add a keyboard in the new year. I have also just recently purchased the iPhone 5C, blue 32GB.

I think I will give myself 5 out 10. I will be publishing my 10 things to do in 2014 before the year is out.

Until the next post, stay safe, stay healthy and keep smiling.



Balkans Day 3, 10 September – Need to Slow Down

There was a late start to the day. The past couple of days have been hectic. The hostel served breakfast which consisted of scrambled eggs and zucchini fritters. It was tasty and well worth the wait. My plan was to explore the town and make my way towards the market.

The sun was still out so it was right to enjoy the day. Split is a small city so it was easy to explore. There were plenty of opportunities to take photos.

The edge of the market.
Outside of the palace wall
The Croatian National Theater
The Peristyle of Diocletian's Palace


Off course it was the perfect opportunity to enjoy the first gelato of the trip. Today I had Jaffa flavour. That's chocolate and orange to you and me.

Umm, Jaffa flavour

By the mid-afternoon I was starting to flag. Time to get back to the hostel for a quick nap. After waking up I decided I was going to stay in for the night. Josko was cooking a meal for us so it felt right to take things easy. Josko also mentioned that he was planning to take a group of us to the national park. I had heard so much about this from both Josko and Charles. Without too much thought I said yes. I knew I was going to look forward to this. Roll on tomorrow.

Until the next post stay safe, stay healthy and keep smiling.



Statistics – October 2013

The latest stats for the blog in October:

Posts 7

Views 510

Comments 3

October was another quiet month for the blog. I suppose I was getting over the trip and I just needed the rest. It was good to take a break and work on myself. Been looking on a diet and started exercising. So far managed to lose 9lbs.

I am in the process of putting together more posts. November will also see me decide where my travels will take me in 2014.

Until the next post stay safe, stay healthy and keep smiling.



Photo of the Week – The Last Day of Summer

This week's photo was taken last Thursday. I had just arrived into Zagreb for the final leg of my Balkans trip.

You can see from the temperature the weather was good. The sun was shining and everything seemed fine with the world. The next day saw the temperature turn colder and with it went summer.

Until the next post stay safe, stay healthy and keep smiling.



Statistics – May 2013

Here are the stats for Midlifewanderlust1965 in May:

The Blog

Posts 19

Views 531 (New High)

Comments 27

Followers 119 (+22)


Total tweets 12,929

Following 1,923

Followers 1,191

June is going to be a quiet month. I will celebrate another birthday on the 12th. Apart from that it will be saving for September.

Until the next post stay safe, stay healthy and keep smiling.